Move the paddle to hit the ball and break bricks, but as you break bricks, more get added. Don't drop the ball, or let the bricks reach your paddle, or it's game over!


A and D or left and right arrow keys to control the paddle, make sure to click the game window again once it loads.


On the mobile keypad, the 7 and 9 buttons control the paddle movement.


Using just 64x32 pixels for display, two drawing planes of two colors (for a maximum of 4)  and a little over 700 out of a maximum of 65,024 bytes, the goal with CHIP-8 game development, here extended by the XO-Chip and SuperChip instruction sets, is to try to do more with less. Admittedly this is still a little on the 'less' end of all that can be done with CHIP-8, SuperChip, and XO-Chip, but as my second project using Octo, an extension done over a couple days of my first project, CRAP8NG , it's been an even more incredible learning experience.

Made with Octo during OctoJam 7.